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Travel season is finally here and with it comes a promise of fun and pictures to remember it. This spring season, while you travel remember to pack your traveling kit for your smile to keep it beautiful and healthy during your vacation for all the fun pictures you will take.

Our dentist, Dr. Jorge Ferreira, hopes you have fun and safe travels and is happy to remind you to take care of your smile on your trip too! Having a kit to help keep your smile looking white and beautiful may help your smile appear healthy in your memorable pictures.

Our team at Sonrisa Dental in Santa Fe, New Mexico, is happy to share this list of what to bring on your trip for your oral health:

– Mouthwash: Mouthwash can help rinse away any debris and plaque buildup in your mouth.
– Dental floss: Dental floss can clean the areas between teeth that your toothbrush will not be able to reach.
– Chewing gum: Sugarless chewing gum has proven benefits for lowering your risk for cavities by producing additional saliva.
– Toothbrush: To clean out areas in your mouth, a toothbrush can be used. Be sure to bring a travel case to store it in.
– Tongue scraper: Make sure you’re cleaning off your tongue with a tongue scraper to scrape off any bacteria that may be present.
– Toothpaste: Toothpaste will be needed to help brush properly.

As you can see, this list above can help keep your smile healthy and bright during your trip. If you have questions about y our oral health, or if you would like a dental cleaning before you go, please call us today at 505-455-2176, and our dental team is happy to make you an appointment.