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Did you know the gum disease is a debilitating disease in which there is an infection in your gum tissues? Fortunately, there are numerous choices you can make to significantly lower your risk for gum disease. Due to the fact that gum disease has several causes, it is important to examine all aspects of your life to determine if there’s anything you can do to help minimize the risk of gum disease. This includes the following:

– Keeping your smile safe from gum disease includes limiting and avoiding unsafe substances such as drugs and tobacco.

– Genetic predispositions can increase the chance you are likely to suffer from gum disease. In fact, genetics have been known to make an individual 6 times more likely to suffer from the condition.

– The foods and drinks you are consuming play a key role in the development of gum disease and can greatly increase your risk if you do not have proper nutrition.

– Medications that feature dry mouth as a side effect are known causes of gum disease.

– Hormonal changes within your body can increase your risk for gum disease.

– If you’re pregnant, or if you are suffering from diabetes, you will be at an increased risk for gum disease.

– If you fail to visit your dentist for regular oral health care checkups, you are increasing your risk for oral health ailments such as gum disease.

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