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At Sonrisa Dental, our experienced team works hard to help our patients in Santa Fe, New Mexico achieve good oral health and maintain healthy habits. Today we want to help you understand more about how fluoride helps your smile by protecting your pearly whites.

Why Fluoride?

Because dental caries (cavities) are the most common disease in both adults and children around the globe and fluoride is one of the most effective ways to prevent cavities. Fluoride makes your teeth stronger and more resistant to the harmful effects of acid. This acid results from bacteria in the mouth feeding off sugars from the food and drinks we consume, and this acid wears down tooth enamel.

Tap Water Beats Bottled Water

Although all water beats soda, sports drinks, and even sweetened fruit juice when it comes to hydrating without contributing to cavities, most bottled water doesn’t have fluoride in it. Tap water which has added fluoride within the water supply contains just the right amount, thanks to the standards set by the EPA. Essentially, drinking water with fluoride helps keep cavities at bay before they start.

Other sources of fluoride include toothpaste (use the recommended amount and spit it out when done), and your dentist’s fluoride treatment, which is a thin layer of varnish applied to your teeth.

Fun Fact

Thanks to fluoride’s proven track record of preventing cavities, fluoride in tap water is lauded as a top public health achievement in the 20th century, in the CDC’s (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) Ten Great Public Health Achievements in the 20th Century.

As you can see, fluoride is an important tool to keep your teeth healthy and strong. To learn more about how fluoride helps your smile, or to schedule a visit, please call 505-455-2176. Dr. Jorge Ferreira and our team in Santa Fe, New Mexico, look forward to helping your smile!