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Sonrisa Dental conducts an oral cancer screening exam every time you come in for a dental visit. This includes a close examination for any signs of oral cancer in the throat, gums, lips, cheeks, or neck areas. Signs may include lumps of different tissue, unending sores, or strange discoloration. Dr. Jorge Ferreira and his experts endeavor to provide the best dental and oral care for you and your smile.

To prevent oral cancer, you can do self-examinations at home by looking and feeling for any lumps, infections, sores, or discoloration. Use a flashlight and mirror or have another person look closely. Other things to help prevent any problems include:

– Avoiding tobacco or smoking
– Drink a low amount of alcohol
– Keep a healthy, oral care regiment of brushing and flossing every day
– Maintain a well-balanced diet
– Exercise regularly

In your biannual visits to the dentist, they will do a full oral cancer screening exam. If they suspect any areas of having cancer, they will first do an oral brush biopsy. This is a painless process where the brush scrapes cells off the suspicious tissue and examined for abnormal activity.

If an area needs further examined, your dentist or a suggested professional will perform a scalpel biopsy. This procedure requires being put under anesthesia and then a part of the tissue is removed to be tested. If the results test positive for oral cancer, you will need care to prevent further growth or spreading to other areas surrounding the cancerous tissue.

Surgery removes this tissue and is then followed by chemotherapy/radiation to get rid of leftover cancerous cells. Contact Sonrisa Dental at 505-455-2176 to set up an appointment to check for oral cancer today. Our office here in Santa Fe, New Mexico is dedicated to help you have healthy oral care and a great, wholesome smile.