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If you or someone you know has a dental emergency, the first thing to do is stay calm. Then pick up the phone and call Sonrisa Dental in Santa Fe, New Mexico at 505-455-2176 immediately. Here are some things to do at home in the short interim between your call and our prompt professional attention:

Chipped Teeth

Any teeth fragments can be rinsed out with warm water into a bowl. The largest pieces need to be preserved in a cold glass of water or milk. Later you can bring them to Dr. Jorge Ferreira so he can assess the damage and see if there is a use for them. Meanwhile, apply a cold compress to the cheek to prevent or reduce swelling.

Loose or Missing Teeth

Cold water will rinse the mouth of any blood. Avoid moving the tooth if it is loose; a clean tissue or towel will hold a loose tooth in place. If you are prepared and have over-the-counter dental cement, now would be the time to apply it. If the tooth is completely dislodged from the gums, place it in a glass of cold water or milk and bring it to your appointment. Lay an ice pack against the cheek.


First, gargle a combination of salt and tap water. Then choose one or more of these remedies for your pain: an over-the-counter anti-inflammatory (ibuprofen, naproxen or aspirin, for example), an oral anesthetic, or a cold ice pack to the cheek.

Fractured Jaw

If you’ve already called us, you might already have gathered that the ER or an oral surgeon are the best resources for this injury. In the meantime, rinse with water to remove blood. Stay as comfortable as possible in a reclined chair or in bed. Keep the jaw very still.

Sonrisa Dental recognizes the concern and urgency of this situation. Call us at 505-455-2176 to receive fast, first-class dental relief.