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Despite all the brushing and flossing, do you or your family still get cavities? Sometimes we need a little extra help, such as sealants. Sealants barricade bacteria that cause cavities from reaching certain areas of your teeth, and they can halt the progress developing cavity.

Our molars, the flatter teeth that you generally chew with, have little areas where food sometimes gets stuck, and your toothbrush cannot really get them out. The food draws in bacteria, who gorge on it, which causes them to release the acids that make cavities.

The sealant is made up of a plastic and other materials that forms a thin, see-through barrier over your molars. The sealant keeps bacteria and food leftovers out, so there is nothing to cause a cavity. Should a cavity start to forming, then some sealant can help reduce further damage, and the dentist can see through it to monitor things.

A good option to try is to give sealants to your children. Results from studies show that kids who do not have sealants have three times more risk of cavities over kids who do have sealants. The molars usually come around age six, but the best chance of avoiding cavities is to get sealant when they arrive.

Nevertheless, sealants benefit adults as well as children. Your age is not a concern.

While sealants are generally safe to use, some are allergic to it. To judge if this is a concern for you, do not hesitate to discuss it with out dentist, Dr. Jorge Ferreira.

Otherwise, if you would like for you or a member of your family to receive some sealant, come to Sonrisa Dental in Santa Fe, New Mexico. All you have to do is call, 505-455-2176.